Recent Marketing Activities

We have been organising Tourism Marketing & Tourism PR related activities regular basis. Following are some of the Tourism Representation, Tourism PR activities done by us recently

Madagascar Roadshow
Travel Agents Cocktail Networking
International Travel Awards
India Tourism Awards
International Travel Roadshow

Product Portfolio

World Level Award Programs

Travel Roadshow

World Tourism Academy

Our Clients

Let the world know that you are THE LEADER !!!

We have designed unique regional level award programs to take your brand globally. Yes Participating in any of our regional level award program helps you to position your branding never before.

Feedback from Travel Agents

FAM Trips Feedback from Customer

Ready to Promote your product GLOBALLY ?

We have crafted a sophisticated and cutting edge technology solution to promote your product to RIGHT travel agents and tour operators around the world.

World Tourism Academy offers destination E-Learning & Certification which help Tourism boards, Hoteliers, Airlines & DMCs to promote their product in an educational manner.

E – Learning

Launch your online destination course to 25,000+ travel agents network around the world

Tourism Certifications

Offer an opportunity to become a destination specialist to the world of travel agents and reward them.

Client Testimonials

“I would thank the ITR team for organising such a potential travel platform and giving us the wonderful opportunity to exhibit.”

Mr. Patrick HuberBanyan Tree, Maldives

“A great platform which has all in it, meetings done on prefixed appointment basis, networking lunch and only B2B business. Kudos Guys, Keep it up.”

Ms. Lucie SalomeSmailing DMC, Indonesia

“Good show guys, really satisfied with the quality of the buyers rather than the quantity, Job done well.”

Mr. TedAfrican Hartebeest Safaris, Kenya

Client Testimonials

KSA – Tourism Representation Company in india

KSA – India Tourism Representation was born with the philosophy to showcase the most promising aspects of the destinations to the Indian outbound travellers and to keep the distribution channels informed about the clients represented by KSA – India travel representation agency in India.

With the help of our tourism expert’s continued efforts and drive to excel, have won us many accolades in the field of India travel and tourism representation services and we are counted among the top three most emerging Tourism representation companies in India. KSA Tourism Representation has in a short span, won several awards and accolades (Best Tourism Representation Company in india , Best Marketing Campaign). KSA has a dedicated team of specialists and professionals who are responsible for achieving increased tourists visitation and revenue from source market India, Our tourism experts work closely with our clients to understand their vision.

KSA Tourism Representation in india’s USP is the ability to think differently and Execution with committed heart. Our ongoing research and communication within India and internationally gives us a comprehensive understanding of our clients, our business and our market. Our strength continues to be our team who have a sharp understanding of the business and engage in long term relationships.

KSA Enterprise offers support to overseas organisations during pre-start and early start initiatives of getting a foothold in India to tap the fast growing Indian market. Our Tourism Representation services helps companies accelerate & develop upon a new business or expand existing business in India.

Our Tourism Representation Service
  • Local on ground representation in the Indian Tourism Market
  • KSA Tourism PR company in india works as a “Facilitator” who provides much needed “onground” support, without clients having to go through the legalities, paperwork, cost, and time in setting up a local office in India
  • PR news submissions, PR article preparation and PR Agency related services in india
  • Raise the company profile amongst industry stakeholders in India
  • Access to a fully operational office facility in the heart of New Delhi’s, Bangalore, Mumbai & Chennai.
  • In market support during your visit to India including prequalification of customers  and arrangement of meetings
  • Organising trade missions and providing support to trade delegations, facilitating B2B meetings, arranging investment seminars delegations, facilitating B2B meetings and arranging investment seminars/ investor roadshows
  • Direct Sales & Lead Generation
  • Organising buyer and seller meetings in various cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, kolkata, bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, cochin and more.
  • Conducting Travel Trade Roadshows in india to build a relationship between tour operator and travel agents.
  • Sales & Growth analysis on visitation to the country after the promotion. 
  • Rewards programs for the Travel agents to promote destination
  • Digital / online marketing such as SEO, Facebook Marketing, twitter Marketing, instagram marketing & etc.
  • E-Learning & Certification program for the Travel agents to enhance their skills in Destination. 
  • Cinema Advertisements and all public related marketing.
  • PR marketing & PR agency services
Indian Tourism Market Entry
  • Study Destination tourism product and Conducting Research
  • Executing market survey for the product in Travel trade & public
  • Generating market survey report and enhance 2nd level study
  • In-depth research & analysis of target sector
  • Identify Gaps & Opportunities in India
  • Match strengths of clients companies with the gaps in Indian sector
  • Apprise on regulatory aspects, trade and non-trade barriers specific to client’s target industry
  • Present a detailed Trade Advisory report
  • Analyse SWOT and implement strategies to promote the products in indian market.
  • Recommend an entry plan into the Indian market based on current industry trends and competitive dynamics
  • Determine likely strategic partners i.e. agent/distributor agreements, licensing, value added resellers, technology transfer, buy back arrangements and joint ventures
  • Contact qualified prospects discreetly and confidentially managing the due diligence process
  • Business-negotiation services and finalization of contractual terms through to closing
  • Facilitated introductions and meetings between the client and individual
Trade Event participation
  • Tracking important industry events and apprise regularly
  • organising B2B Travel and Tourism Roadshows
  • Organising Travel agents meeting with DMCs / Tour operators from the representing country
  • Participating in Travel Trade exhibitions such as SATTE, OTM, TTF, IITTM and more and promote Destination product
  • Conducting buyers-sellers cocktail networking event to build the relationship between the Tour Operators & travel agents
  • Attend and participate on behalf of clients
  • Manage country pavilion at trade events for clients
Business Development & Lead Generation
  • Develop and manage a portfolio of prospects and market intelligence from a variety of sources such as industry journals, trade events and client meetings
  • Follow up on existing leads
  • Meetings with existing or potential customers/distributors
  • Develop and grow a network of contacts and relationships with appropriate industry organizations
  • Generating b2b travel leads and pass on to tour operators in remote destination to increase Bookings.

How Tourism Representation Companies in India help Tourism Board to promote in India?

Any product or service will reach its end user only through promotion. A good promotion strategy will win your product an enormous user pool. Tourism is one of the most difficult products to be taken to the end users as it is intangible and expensive. Choosing right markets and right people to promote your tourism product is crucial. That brings to the point, why you must choose to promote in Indian markets. According to World Travel and Tourism Council, India’s contribution to world’s GDP in 2018 through travel and tourism ranked 3rd among 185 countries. There were approximately 30 million Indian who traveled to foreign countries in 2018 and this number is growing at a very high rate. Travel segments like MICE and destination weddings are the keys drivers of the travel industry. Most of the Indians are interested in specialized packages as well and are willing to pay a premium for that.

So, looking at the potential of Indian travelers’ market it is the best time for any tourism board to capture this huge and profitable market. Tourism Board Representation is your way into achieving it. While we represent you on various fronts like roadshows, digital marketing, e-learning and many other platforms, you are going to reach out to trusted and highly engaging travel agents or tour operators and complete Indian travel market.

Why tourism representation company rather than choosing other traditional marketers?

We understand the need and type of travel experience a traveler is looking for. Tourism representation companies have a database of potential audience to whom they would promote your tourism board or hotel or cruise etc. By engaging yourself with the leading tourism representation companies like KSA, Indian Tourism Representation company you are bound to reach to the largest traveler communities.

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Tourism Marketing activities

At KSA we are offer a wide range of Tourism Marketing and Branding Services which increases the visibility of Tourism Boards and their Hotel Partners across the country. All this is at a very much attractive price range.

Following are the few of our services performed by pool of our experts in Worlds Top Level Marketing Strategy.

Tourism PR Marketing

Building a positive brand reputation is an asset for the company and we at KSA understand that very well. We publish the testimonials collected by all the previous travelers through New papers, Newsletters, Magazines and our blog. We involve trusted travel bloggers and take expert opinions and post them as suggestion for your customers on our blogs and our network. Creating a positive image for your brand and working towards sustaining it in the public is one of our key takeaways.

Travel Roadshows

We are very happy to share with you that our International Travel Roadshows have achieved a tremendous success in bringing buyers and sellers from different parts of the world under one roof. Eight metropolitan cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Pune and Kochi have seen our ITRs from past six years with a footfall of more than one thousand buyers. It includes various features like Tabletop Meeting, Networking Cocktail, Advertising, Presentation, Travel Arrangements and much more. All our customers were satisfied with the results and credibility of the ITR as they either found a new buyer or networked with the existing agents. The conversion rate and satisfaction of our customers was well above 85%.

Destination Certifications & Destination E-Learning

E-learning, one of the most advanced promotional tools. Many companies are yet to use online tourism learning as a marketing tool. World tourism academy encourages a wide populous of travel agents to learn about the destination and get certified. Your product will not just be promoted but will be understood by the agents. This is a wonderful platform for the Tourism Boards, Hoteliers and Airlines to promote and educate the potential and dedicated travel agents about their product offerings. Destination E-Learnings, Destination Certification, and Webinars for Destinations are provided under this platform. As, this is highly targeted, it has been one of the profitable means in attracting traffic.

Digital Marketing

Digitization has taken a big raise in today’s world. KSA Software Technology has the best and talented professionals who deliver Tourism Representation for Companies, Travel Marketing as well as Tourism Marketing through various promotions via Digital modes of Communication in an effective manner.

Advertising through various digital channels such as social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines, websites, etc. we reach to a large customer base.

E-Mail Marketing & SMS Marketing

We combine our potential customer database and existing database of your customers and send personalized offers to them from time to time through E-Mails and SMS. We also design loyalty programs for them which attracts their attention and generates higher revenue.

Twitter, Instagram Marketing

Promotions through Instagram and Twitter are catching up very fast as they are the most widely accessed Social Networking Sites by the youngsters and travel enthusiasts. We promote your products on these media using precision and to a targeted audience. We deliver what we promise.

Tourism Awards

The main intention of giving away these awards is to recognize the best performers in the industry and provide them a platform to reach their customers. Winning an Award establishes a positive brand image and trust. At KSA we welcome our clients to nominate themselves under various categories in Hospitality and Tourism Industries. The nominees are from the region of Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Arabian and Oceania. All the nominees get a global visibility and earn maximum reach worldwide. Industry experts from different nationalities having high technical knowledge in the Tourism Industry serves as the Jury Panel and choose the winner.

FAM Trips for Travel agents

One of the most effective to promote a product is to experience its service. Keeping this as a basis, we identify and select potential travel agents suited for different types of destinations and offer them a free trip to your hotel or place. These trips are called as Familiarity trips, as it suggests that they are visiting the place to make them familiar with the place. These travel agents are screened in number of stages after which are sent on the trip. This makes them a potential fit to promote your product in their local markets after the returning.

News Media

We also publish an online News media that updates information and news regarding tourism and travel Companies across the World and provide a widespread reach to several of their customers and investors.

Cinema Advertising

We also advertise your Tourism Centers through our entertainment partners like movie theaters between by promoting your company during the shows so that it can reach a large set of audiences in big screens. Also, through displaying ads on the LED screens in the theaters.

Blogger Trip for the Destination

Most of the bloggers are referred nowadays in choosing products or services. Therefore, offer popular bloggers a trip to your destination so that they can promote your Hotel or Restaurant in their blogs. This makes your tourism product more acceptable and marketable to the Travel Enthusiast people.

Tourism Representations

We network with your prospective clients and present your proposals in an influential manner. Our unmatched success rate among the innumerable Tourism Marketing/Travel Marketing Industries in our country has built mutual trust and reputation among our partners. We have built a network of professionals who deliver the expected results to your clients in no time.

We are glad that we have built such an amazing client networks across the globe working with us. We are devoted towards delivering the results with full commitment, conviction, transparency and loyalty. Come work with us and allow us to be a part of our journey towards success.

Why KSA is Best Tourism Marketing company in India ?

KSA Enterprise is a leading Travel & Tourism Representation company based in India. We offer comprehensive Travel PR and marketing services for Tourism Boards. KSA is specialised in each and every corner of Tourism PR & Branding verticals by having its own branding solutions such as Roadshows, Tourism Certification portals, E-Learning, Digital Marketing Team, Travel & Tourism Award programs, Trade relationship events and 15,000+ travel agent network in india.


3 Months Trial Representation

We understand that as a new entrant, You always hesitate to try some one or sign a contract for long term. We offer 3 Months FREE Trial. You can try our service without any payment or commitment. If you like our service you can sign a contract for 1 , 2 , 3 or 5 years. Otherwise NO Questions Asked !! Lets keep as a good Tourism industry friends. No harms !!!

100% Money Back Guarantee

You might be thinking is there a hook after the trial. Do NOT worry. We offer a 100% MONEY BACK guarantee. If you do not like our service, You do not need to pay Single Dollar. We take care of everything.

NO Long Term Commitment

We value our client’s time, We do not want hold or force them to keep it if they do not find value for their money & time. You can discontinue the contact anytime just by giving 2 months notice period. NO RISK at all.