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Wondering how to promote your tourism destination? Struggling to find out new ways to promote to travel agents?


Worry no more. You have come to the right place. So, here are 7 ways to reach your travel agent. 

Tourism Certification:  

Provide a certification from your destination. Allow your travel agents to flaunt the certificate and let them be proud to be a certified travel agent. Certifications not only create a sense of pride but they also, create a bond between you and the agent. You will be connected to a certified agent whom you can trust. Certificates also uplift the brand image. Read more

E-Learning for Destination:  

Inspire the agents by reciting the story of your destination yourself. Walk them through every corner of the destination from your own narration. Provide them with the guiding map, clear the chaos, be their guide and prepare them for the journey to your destination through an online E-Learning course for your destination.  Read more 

B2B Travel Roadshows:  

Become the storyteller. Build a plot and present yourself to the agents through a Travel Roadshow. Roadshows provide a greater opportunity to meet new people and develop connections. Here, you are seeing them and talking to them in person. There is a better chance of converting a lead into potential customer when the meeting is in person. There is no better way than a roadshow for higher conversion rate. Read more

FAM trips for Potential Travel Agents: 

Would you be happy to try a product before buying it? Am sure you will be. The same way, encouraging the agents to go on FAM trips (Familiarity trips) will provide you with a greater opportunity to let the agents experience your service. What now? These agents now become your buzzing bees. They will spread the word about your wonderful service. They will row the boat for you. As they have been there and know the place, they would market your destination to their fellow travel agents and create a buzz in local markets. Read more

Blogger Promotions:  

Blogging is not just a hobby anymore. Many agents and travelers choose to travel blogs to decide on their next tour. They consider the bloggers to be more reliable as they are not influenced by the company and give honest reviews.

So, there are a number of ways to use blogger promotions. One of the ways is that you can have your own blog and give out articles on various topics relating to travel and tourism. Another way is to offer a blogger your information and give them a contract to promote your destination on their blog. Yet another way is to offer the blogger a FAM trip and let them write their honest reviews on their websites.  Read more

Social Media Marketing:  

If agents can’t come to you, you must go to them. Social media is something in which everyone is present.  Have an account on all the possible social media platforms and let yourself be known by the crowd on those platforms. Be active on social media. Update posts regularly. Post customer testimonials. A great platform to share the mind-blowing images of the food you serve or the scenery or the luxurious suites or the crowd who just happened not to leave your place as they are in love with the place. Be social and connect with your agents at a very basic level. Read more

Webinar / Workshop Promotions:  

Yet another superb way of interacting with the agents and providing them with the knowledge about your destination through workshops or webinars. These are very effective as they give you the flexibility of duration. You can conduct a one-day or two-day workshop or a one-week workshop. You can give a webinar for one day or plan for a series of webinars in right intervals. Read more

To avail all the above services at a single place, do connect with us. Start promoting your tourism destination today.

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