Tourism Representation company India

Why Indian Travel Market ?

India is one of the growing market in the world and leading almost all the asian countries in terms of outbound travel growth year-on-year-basis.

Testimonial – Clients

Travel Trade Relationship

Cocktail Networking
Destination Workshop
Direct Marketing

Travel Roadshows

KSA has been organising “INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL ROADSHOW” for the past 6 years at top 8 cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune & Cochin. International Travel Roadshow offers networking opportunity in a professionally organized buyer-seller meet with thousands of buyers participating in the event.

It is the perfect opportunity to gain an understanding and entree into Indian Travel Trade market. Backed by the experience and resources of KSA Enterprises, the organization launched in 2015 International Travel Roadshow, India’s one and only multi-city multy-destination roadshow. We have a very strong and rich experience in inviting the key decision makers for the roadshow to make the networking begins with business transactions.

Why Our Roadshow is Unique ?

PR Marketing Public, News & Cinema

At KSA, We have a specialised team of professionals who takes care of PR & Public Marketing.

Digital Marketing

We have an Exclusive software entity with a highly skilled professionals to fulfill our customer’s technology needs, we can offer the following technology services at a cost effective and highly result oriented basis.

Our FAM Trip Arrangement Procedure

Stage – 1 FAM Trip invitation

  • Send email to 15,000+ Travel agents in India
  • Deadline for invitation
  • Online Registration
  • Company profile collection

Stage – 4 Contract Signing

  • Terms of FAM trip
  • Announce FAM trip itinerary
  • Pre-travel checklist collection

Stage – 2 Filter : 200 Travel Agents

  • 1st level evaluation
  • Profile Analysis – Online
  • Profile Analysis – Trade Check

Stage – 5 Fam Trip coordination

  • Departure check-list management
  • Visa Management
  • Organise the Departure
  • Trip Coordination

Stage – 3 Filter : 20 to 50 Travel Agents

  • Performance Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Product Promotion Analysis

Stage – 6 Post FAM trip Management

  • Feedback Collection
  • Share Feedback to  15,000+ Travel agents in India
  • Promotional activities Planning
  • Promotional activities Follow-up

E-Learning & Certifications

World tourism Academy is an initiative by KSA Enterprises to educate the tourism products to the RIGHT travel agents using modern technology. This unique and cutting edge technology offers a great platform for Tourism boards, Hoteliers, Airlines to promote & educate their stunning product to the INTERESTED & POTENTIAL travel agents.

” Target Marketing is more effective marketing than broadcast marketing “

Destination E-learning
Destination Certification
Webinars for Destination
Benefits of E-Learning & Tourism Certification
  • Target Marketing – Only interested travel agents spend their time in learning your product.
  • Certified Specialist – Honor the Travel agents and motivate them to promote your product
  • World-wide Reach – You can target any travel agents in any city, any country in the world
  • Lightning Speed – Launch your E-learning Course & Certification in a single click.
  • Reward the Right agents – You can reward the certified travel agents by offering FAM trip & etc.
  • Cost effective – Pay per certificate. Pay as you go. No long term commitment.

Why KSA is Best Tourism Marketing company in India ?

KSA Enterprise is a leading Travel & Tourism Representation company based in India. We offer comprehensive Travel PR and marketing services for Tourism Boards. KSA is specialised in each and every corner of Tourism PR & Branding verticals by having its own branding solutions such as Roadshows, Tourism Certification portals, E-Learning, Digital Marketing Team, Travel & Tourism Award programs, Trade relationship events and 15,000+ travel agent network in india.

3 Months Trial Representation

We understand that as a new entrant, You always hesitate to try some one or sign a contract for long term. We offer 3 Months FREE Trial. You can try our service without any payment or commitment. If you like our service you can sign a contract for 1 , 2 , 3 or 5 years. Otherwise NO Questions Asked !! Lets keep as a good Tourism industry friends. No harms !!!

100% Money Back Guarantee

You might be thinking is there a hook after the trial. Do NOT worry. We offer a 100% MONEY BACK guarantee. If you do not like our service, You do not need to pay Single Dollar. We take care of everything.

NO Long Term Commitment

We value our client’s time, We do not want hold or force them to keep it if they do not find value for their money & time. You can discontinue the contact anytime just by giving 2 months notice period. NO RISK at all.

Our Products

India Tourism Awards

KSA enterprise organised India & International tourism industry awards every year. The ultimate goal of this program is to reward & motivate the excellent performing outbound travel and tour operators in india. Meet the tourism leaders in India at one place.

What are the roles of Tourism Representation company in India ?

The representation companies takes care of end to end marketing and promotional activities for the foreign tourism industry companies such as Tourism Board, Hotels, DMCs, Airlines, Attractions and Theme parks name a few.

Following are important roles of tourism representation company in india as part of the representation services.

  • Create a brand awareness for a tourism product or destination in Indian travel market
  • Strategically planning marketing activities
  • Devise the marketing execution plan and work on SWOT analysis
  • Executing all promotional activities in indian market as per the clients requirements.
  • Analyse the performance and implement remarketing strategies for further improvements.
  • Build a travel trade relationship in indian tourism industry

Why KSA is a Best Tourism Marketing company in India ?

Good Questions. Having a decade of experience in Indian Tourism industry, KSA is a pioneer in Tourism representation in Indian Market. We have executed various promotional activities in indian & international travel market and reached a new heights. Following are few reasons why should you choose KSA for your representation service in Indian Tourism industry.

  • Over 10 years of experience in tourism industry
  • Unlike other marketing company, We 100% own our products. Yes. We have our own tourism promotional products. Few of them are
    • International Travel Roadshow – Travel & Tourism roadshow to build a buyer and seller relationship in India and Australia
    • India Tourism Awards – Award program to recognise best performing travel and tour companies in india
    • International Travel / Spa / Dining Awards – World level award program to reach the global travel market
    • Regional Award programs – We organise regional level award programs for Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa & America
    • World Tourism Academy – Cutting edge online learning platform and certification programs for destinations.
    • World Tourism News – News media for world travel market
    • India Tourism News – News & publishing portal for indian tourism industry.
  • Highly experienced tourism professionals
    Unique marketing activities – We do not do what others do. We always makes the industry to follow on our marketing activities. We are the leader and we lead others. We do not follow others.
  • Timely Execution
  • Trial Representation Period – We are the only tourism representation company in india offers trial representation to try our services before you commit anything or pay anything.
  • 100% Money back guarantee – If you are not happy with our service quality then we do not charge anything. We are the only company offer representation service in india with a money back guarantee.

We believe, the above reasons made KSA is a the best tourism marketing company in india or Best tourism representation company in india

Activities involved in Tourism PR Company in India ?

We do ample of tourism marketing activities as part of Tourism representation service in india. Few of them are as below,

  • Destination Certification Program
  • Destination E-learning for travel agents
  • FAM trips for travel agents & tour operators
  • Email Marketing & SMS Marketing
  • Online / Digital Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram marketing
  • Blogger Trip for the destination and promoting online
  • Cinema Advertising
  • PR Marketing
  • Public marketings & organising public events

How Tourism representation helps tourism boards or hotels ?

Starting up a company or branch office in india is a time consuming and expensive process. So the smart companies always prefer to work with tourism representation companies india for the following reasons.

  • Start promotion quickly – even within a week time
  • Least investment at the beginning – No need to pay for rent, setup or legal. They just pay retainer fee
  • Plan marketing activities from day 1
  • Pay as you go – you can plan and execute activities whenever you need
  • No need to block money in rent, advance & etc.
  • No documentation with indian government which is highly time consuming.

Our Achievements

6 Years

Tourism marketing, PR and Sales in Indian market

7 Years

Organising Travel Roadshows in India

50+ Roadshows

Conducted over 50 roadshows in India

50+ Travel Agents FAM trip

Organised FAM trip for more than 50+ Travel agents

Page 1 Ranking

Achieved Page 1 Ranking for all our Tourism Marketing Products

India Tourism Awards

2 Editions of Award Program

International Travel Awards

3rd Editions started successfully

India Tourism News

10,000+ Travel trade subscribers in India

30,000+ B2B Meetings

Organised over 30,000 B2B Buyer Seller Meeting

Australia Tourism Roadshow

1st Edition completed Successfully

6 Regional Tourism Awards

2nd Edition Started Successfully