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Are you worried seeing your FAM trips give you less than expected returns? Curious about how to generate maximum returns from FAM trips? 

FAM trips being an integral part of marketing and promotional activities for many companies pose a bothering question asHow to get the maximum returns from them. 

You need to take care of many aspects of the FAM trips so as to execute them successfully. Plan each and every step carefully as every step counts in earning the greatest returns from the FAM trip.

The major and foundation step in execution of successful FAM trips is the selection of the agents to whom you have to provide the service. This step becomes the crucial one of the whole process. FAM trip execution must therefore be progressively spread across stages. Few major aspects that should be taken care of are the screening, selection, trip coordination and post trip promotion through the agents.

Here is the briefing as to how these aspects can be devised:

Stage 1: FAM Trip Invitation:

Invitations must be sent to a whole crowd of travel agents. These invitations should have all the information like the destination type, facilities available at the destination, type of registration, start and end date of registration, number of participants allowed to take the trip and so on. This is important as this is the first step in engaging the agents….read more

Stage 2: Shortlisting of the suitable travel agents Round 1:

This stage is all about identifying the best suitable travel agents for the FAM trip.The shortlisting must be done by analyzing the profile information submitted by the agents. Also, doing trade checks on each of these shortlists can avoid any fake registrations and build authenticity. This will be an added benefit. This step enables you to shortlist the best possible candidates who will avail the FAM trips….read more

Stage 3: Shortlisting of the suitable travel agents Round 2:

From the previously shortlisted applications, filter out the candidates for the final stage. Analyze how they have performed in their business previously. You can use any framework like SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat) analysis, PESTEL or Porters 5 Forces technique and carefully examine their potential in promoting your product in local markets. Also, consider their previous promotional activities. At the end of this stage you should be able to finally narrow down the shortlist to 20 to 50 travel agents. These are the ones who are selected to be sent for the FAM trips….read more

Stage 4: Contract signing:

Explain the terms and conditions of the FAM trip to these selected agents. Make them sign a contract with you for the post trip promotional activities. Give them the details of the tour itinerary for their reference. Provide them with a checklist before taking up the trip. Render all the necessary instructions of the trip to the agents at this stage….read more

Stage 5: FAM trip coordination:

In this step all the document verification can be done. Take care of document versification like Visa, tickets, ID verification that is required prior the tour. The smooth departure and coordinating for the pick up at the arrival destination, everything must be taken care of….read more

Stage 6: Post FAM trip Management:

Finally the activities post FAM trip. These are the operational activities which drive the business. This is the most important stage as the promotions for your company are taking place at this stage. Obtain feedback by the agents. Shared it across various platforms. Published the experience of these agents in your websites and blogs.

These agents are now the promoters of your company. The agents should undertake many promotional activities. Coordinate and follow up all their activities regularly through your team. Make sure that they bring back the maximum results to your company. Monitor all these activities in time and measure their impacts….read more

Plan and organize your FAM trip for maximum return. Do not wait longer. We are just a click away. 

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