Our Services

PR Marketing

KSA is a leader in PR & Marketing related activities. Having a pool of experts in tourism PR industry, We help our clients to take their brand to the next level in both the travel trade and public visibility. Our PR activities goes no beyond traditional activities such as press releases, article writing, article submissions, publishing on major travel and tourism magazines, organising a press conference & etc.


ITR is one of its unique travel exhibitions which connects the Buyers and Sellers around the world under a single roof. ITR has completed its 12 editions successfully till 2018 and still counting. ITR happens in Australia, India, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand every year


Our cutting edge E-learning technology offers a great platform for tourism boards, hoteliers, airlines, attractions and other tourism suppliers to educate their product to the community of travel agents around the world. We do have over 25,000+ travel agents who are constantly looking for new destinations to learn and enhance their tourism skills. You are at the right place to promote your tourism product.


KSA enterprise helps tourism boards and tourism suppliers around the world to enter into Indian travel market and acquire a substantial shares within span of years time. Our marketing experts have a wide range of experience in Indian travel trade and Indian public travel industry. We help companies to analyse Indian tourism industry and promote their product to the right audience

Tourism Awards

In tourism industry, Rewards & Recognitions are the only thing keeping the tourism industry professions in the fast pace to provide a world class hospitality services to their clients. Having a crystal clear understanding on this, KSA has initiated various programs to recognise the best performing tourism industry companies and reward them in a global stage. We do have regional level and international level award programs.

News Media

KSA enterprise understand that, news reaches faster than a lightning in the world of modern communication system in this era, So we help our clients to promote their tourism products through various news media. Ofcourse, KSA owns a couple of news media portals which focus on global audience and Indian travel trade. Get updated in the tourism industry with the help of our tourism channels.

E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing has been around forever, and for good reason. It’s the most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers, consistently winning out over all other marketing channels. At KSA, We follow very strict anti-spam & GDPR policies to make sure our clients are protected while they are growing exponentially.

SMS Marketing

We help our tourism clients to promote their destination product in the digital world. Yes. we strongly believe that digital marketing rule the world so we do have an expert in Social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram marketing and Search engine optimization. Let the world knows that you are ruling the tourism industry. We help our clients to create a strong presence on the web.

Cinema Advertisement

Who does not love cinema in this modern era, everyone loves to be with their family in cinema, When it comes to big screen advertisement, no one can beat cinema advertisement. Yes, We have carefully designed cinema advertisements which help our client’s tourism products to be visible in the BIG screen to reach maximum audience. We have ready made packages for each city and country.

FAM Trips

Trip should not be just fun, It should be educative, Yes. We organise regular Familiarization trips to travel agents in india. We have a rich experience of executing 100+ pax fam trip to Maldives, Bali, Madagascar and few other exotic destination in the world. We take an extra advantage of our FAM trip agent’s feedback to promote the destination in the Tourism / Travel trade industry to next heights.

Cocktail Networking

Tourism business is all about networking which helps to build the strong buyer seller meetings around the world. To add feather on cap, Cocktail networking is the right choice for making the networking more meaningful and more effective way. Yes. Cocktail networking is one the proven and successful networking model in the world in the tourism industry. Let join the party. You will know the value of cocktail networking.

Travel Technology

No company can grow without technology in hand, We strongly believe that for every successful company there is a strong technology company to support. To offer a value added technology services to tourism clients, we have our in-house Travel technology company KSA Software. Our clients can enjoy cost-effect technology solutions for their needs at lightning speed response manner.